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Fodor's South Florida 2012


Fodor's Choice, Naoe


Once in a rare while, you discover a restaurant so authentic, so special, yet still undiscovered by the masses. By virtue of its petite size (16 person max) and strict seating times (twice per night at 6:30 and 9:30), the Japanese gem, NAOE, will forever remain intimate and original. The menu changes daily, based on the day's best and freshest seafood. Beginning with a Bento Box and continuing on to rounds of Nigirizushi, every visit ushers in a new exploration of the senses. Chef Kevin Cory prepares the gastronomic adventure a few feet from his patrons, using only the best ingredients and showcasing family treasures, like the renowned products of his centuries' old family shoyu (soy sauce) brewery and sake brewery. From start to finish, you'll be transported to Japan through the stellar service, the tastes of bizarre sea creatures, the planching of live scallops, and the smoothness of spectacular sakes.
175 Sunny Isles Blvd., Sunny Isles Beach 305/947-6263 Reservations essential 1F.







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