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Top 5 Japanese Restaurants in the United States 2024

Masa New York, United States 91.50 La Liste score (%)
Sushi Noz New York, United States 91.00 La Liste score (%)
Yoshino New York, United States 89.50 La Liste score (%)
Naoe Miami, United States 88.50 La Liste score (%)
Odo New York, United States 85.00 La Liste score (%)





French President Emmanuel Macron addressed La Liste and prestigious chefs in Paris in 2018. Video is in French.





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- #23 in the United States - NAOE -

La Liste, a group convened by the France's Foreign Minister and supported by the country's tourism board

Top Japanese Restaurants in the United States:

Ichimura  New York, NY 64.24
Masa  New York, NY 62.82
NAOE  Miami, FL 62.19
Kyo Ya  New York, NY 61.74
Sushi Nakazawa  New York, NY 61.50
Sushi Yasuda  New York, NY 61.47
Brushstroke  New York, NY 53.36
Soto  New York, NY 53.18

La Liste FranceTIME Magazine   12/12/2015







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