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Louis Vuitton City Guide Miami, NAOE 661 Brickell Key Drive, SUSHI ZEN. The room seats eight and the decor is so minimal that it's hard to land on words to describe it. Barely a sound will register over the nearly three hours that it takes to get through an omakase (chef's choice) succession of gems from the sea. 'It's not fresh, it's alive,' reads the restaurant's tagline, and indeed one might be presented with an oyster so pure, a scallop so tender that there's no question the creatures have yet to give up the ghost. Critics and award-givers rave about the pristine ingredients. Sit at the counter and watch master sushi chef Kevin Cory serenely bowed before butery salmon belly or brushing a delicate Kumamoto oyster with soy sauce that comes from a small brewery in Japan operated by his family since 1825. This is sushi as a near-religious experience. Though, for the less adventurous, there is a bit of a fear factor to consider: sea urchin, cod sperm sacs, monkfish liver. This is the toughest reservation in town. The wise will secure their spot weeks in advance.







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