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Nakamura Brewery History


Sunlight into Nakamura Shuzou Sake Brewery


Our definition of jizake 地酒 (local sake) is brewing locally grown ingredients (rice) using local techniques and climate. Sake brewing is originally a primary and secondary industry based on agricultural development, and we believe that our mission is to refine, make the region's resources more attractive, and disseminate them.

1818 - 1830 (Bunsei Years) 1st Nakamuraya Sensuke began operation in Kanazawa.
1848 - 1854 (Kaei Years) 2nd Nakamuraya Sensuke began operation of paper/sake business in Kodatsuno, Kanazawa city.
1868 1st Eisuke began operation of sake business in Kobashi town, Kanazawa city.
1870 Sake making business began at 82 Motokuruma town, Kanazawa city.
(Current Nagadohe 3-chome)
1876 Number of sake brewery in country - 16,000.
1877 Zouseki tax (liquor tax) established. One yen per one liquor.
1919 Number of sake brewery in country - 10,000.
1923 Start Tokyo market reclamation.
1931 Decrease the number of sake brewery in country from 10,000 to 8,000.
Mailing order service begin by commission agent. (Summer)
International mailing order service begin. (Fall)
1932 Begin to sell bottled sake.
Remodel the 2nd and 6th storehouse into the refrigerator.
1937 Nominated for Military Sake Brewery.
Complete building rice storehouse in 3-chome, Nagadohe.
1940 New liquor tax established.
Changed from zouseki tax (liquor tax) to kosyutsu tax (sales tax).
1950 Reorganize Nakamura sake factory to corporation.
1951 Reinforced the 2nd concrete house in country as sake house (Eizou). (September)
1955 Installed first automatic bottling machine in Hokuriku district.
1961 Complete construction both seasonal brewing storehouse (Mikagekura) and head quarter office.
1966 Established Anamizu branch office in Anamizu town, Fugeshi district. (January)
1967 Established Toyko marketing office at Chitose Building, 1-chome West Ikebukuro, Toyoshima-ku, Tokyo. (February)
1968 Complete construction Nono city factory at Seikin Ada, Nono town, Ishikawa county. (September)
1972 Hidetoshi Nakamura takes company as President.
1974 Established Hakui branch office in Kamaya town, Hakui city. (November)
1986 Move onto the food production.
1987 Reconstruct sake storehouse, material warehouse and administrative office in the Nono city factory's property.
1992 Abrogated liquor class tax. Renewal labels.
1996 Start local beer brewery business, established beer brewery restaurant called "Kanazawa Brewery Garden" in Nagadohe, Kanazawa city.
1998 Eiichiro Nakamura takes office as Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Nakamura, Taro takes company as President. (July)
1999 Establish all basic articles for the Yamahai-shikomi for the first time in the brewing industry, and created the new label. (September)
2003 Release to the market, "Kaga Setsubai / Organic Pure Rice Sake". (October)
2010 Akira sake becomes 1st organic sake certified around the world (JONA, USDA, ECOCERT).


Carrying sake rice in Nakamura Shuzou

Mixing sake in Nakamura Shuzou Sake Brewery







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